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Testimonials: Testimonials

“I’ve had the honor of working with Sarah for over 20 years in both her role as a Consultant and a Regional Vice President of Sales. She is a dependable leader to her team. She masterfully coaches them to drive results and achieve goals. She is a consultant at heart. She seeks to understand the client’s challenges and needs so she can work with her sales team to build a solution that will achieve the client’s desired outcomes. She does this by prioritizing the clients needs and meets them where they are at. She has a growth mindset and is not satisfied with settling for the status quo. She is always learning about industry trends, sharing those with her team and other leaders in the organization, and preparing for how they may impact the business. Personally, she’s been my mentor for a number of years. I can’t say enough for the impact she’s had on my growth. Sarah is truly a gem.”

Stephanie Wadas

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